High Standards Guaranteed

While no industry or legislated requirement exists - like the rest of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections' practices, we set our standards very high. Our company carries Errors and Omissions and Liability Insurance, whereas many home inspectors are not insured at all.

We recommend that no one ever use an uninsured inspector. 85% of Home Inspectors are not insured. A Buyer’s Choice Brampton North is.

Certified Home Inspector


John Brook

Your Buyer's Choice home inspector in the Brampton North, Ontario area!

Need a Home Inspection in Brampton North, Ontario? John Brook of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections is waiting to serve you! John is fully trained and experienced in all aspects of home inspections. Whatever inspection services you need, John is fully qualified.

Meet John Brook; home inspector and franchise owner of Buyer’s Choice Brampton. John’s career began over 25 years ago in the tool and die manufacturing industry with an emphasis on automotive and aerospace designs. John is a born leader whose business acumen, hands on approach and attention to detail quickly lead him in the direction of departmental management. His entrepreneurial spirit lead him to later leave the manufacturing industry and start up and successfully operate his own DSD franchise for almost a decade.

John is passionate about the area of home renovation and improvement and is pleased to be on his next venture a highly skilled, qualified Certified Home Inspector. John is a seasoned professional and understands the needs of his clients providing them with peace of mind and a clear and comprehensive assessment. Clients have the reassurance and confidence that the home inspector they have chosen is professional, experienced and reputable. Contact John today for a consultation.

John's Services

John offers a complete range of building and home inspection services. Are you buying a new home? Check! Acquiring a commercial property? No problem. Are you a new home owner and want to know more about maintenance? John can help. Installing a wood stove or furnace? He'll make sure your system is WETT certified. Concerned about radon gas? He can help you with that too!

Whatever building or home inspection services you need, give us a call. We're happy to help! We offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs. Contact us today!

If you're not in the Brampton North area, don't worry, chances are there is A Buyers Choice in your area.